Reducing the Effects of Vibrations

It’s often the case that sites for building developments are located close to the source of large-scale vibrations, with the occupants of both residential and commercial plots regularly left ruing the after-effects of poor planning.

Granted, there are circumstances where projects will inevitably find themselves being built near a source of vibration such as railway lines or industrial sites. Nonetheless, there are ways that the impact of vibrations can be significantly reduced, in turn, improving the overall comfort for the inhabitant.

Here at Y Acoustics, we assist a variety of clients, reducing the likelihood of risks that can be attributed to vibrations. Following an in-depth assessment, we enforce an action plan that will reduce vibrations, while complying with pertinent standards and regulations.

The After Effects of Vibrations

The impact of vibrations can vary, with contributing factors such as the vibration source, period of the fluctuation and the design and layout of a building all playing a role in the overall outcome.

Several consequences can be attributed to building vibrations if plans aren't in place to ensure that a property is protected from the source of vibration. For instance, occupants often complain of how vibrations can lead to disturbances, while architectural integrity can also be compromised if contingency procedures aren’t put in place.

Additionally, it’s not unusual for a building to experience the overriding effects caused by vibrations. In many instances, such as the force of the oscillations, that this not only generates damage to delicate devices but also damages features such as light fittings and fixtures.

Assessing Vibrations

Our bespoke vibration consultancy services allow us to identify viable mitigation solutions to ensure that you can work and live in maximum comfort, with the added assurances that the advice that we have provided complies with stringent regulations and requirements.

Put simply, our vibration assessments comprise a simple, yet thorough process culminating in the execution of a plan that will improve quality of living and reduce the impact of vibration.

To ensure that we’re able to provide services befitting of expectations, it’s pivotal that we gain a full understanding of your development and any vibration sources located nearby.


Having identified your requirements, we’ll consider the application requirements needed for your development and how we can ensure that any work complies with industry guidelines.

Our team will provide bespoke advice, dependent on the current levels of vibrations at the site, before we provide an in-depth report upon the completion of our assessment.


The documentation will include applicable measures that need to be considered to ensure that the work adheres to the vibration criteria. 


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