Environmental Noise

The Consequences of Environmental Noise

Excessive environmental noise can have a considerable impact on how much a person sleeps, which can subsequently hinder productivity when completing essential activities at work and in everyday life.

As of 2018, 55% of the world’s population now resides in urban areas, with this figure expected to soar to 68% by 2050. This longing for an inner-city lifestyle has led to an increase in urbanisation and construction projects, with residential, commercial and industrial builds contributing significantly to increased environmental noise.

Controlling Environmental Noise

Controlling environmental noise is a challenge. Disruptions can originate from any number of environmental sources, including road traffic, building works and other forms of transport such as trains or planes. 

Noise pollution is rapidly becoming recognised as one of the main ways in which the environment and wellbeing of residents are being affected. Design solutions can be incorporated to ensure that the overall impact of environmental noise is reduced while improving the overall standard of acoustics within buildings.


Assessing Environmental Noise

Our team liaises with the relevant authorities to ensure the required assessments are conducted. This often depends on the specific proposals and the councils environmental policies. 

Following consultation, our team carries out an initial site survey specifically suited to fulfil the agreed planning conditions or criteria. The findings are reviewed, analysed and formulated into a technical report suitable for the relevant authority. 

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