Room Acoustics

The Importance of Room Acoustics

Here at Y Acoustics, our consultants consider essential design features to ensure that your space is performed to its optimum potential, acoustically.

There is a multitude of benefits that can be attributed to improving room acoustics, with these positives particularly being recognised within the workplace; effective acoustics can influence and improve the comfort and performance of workers, in turn, presenting clients with a greater quality of work.

Is it Time for Your Company to Enhance Office Acoustics?

Perhaps now, more than ever before, the spotlight is very much on promoting employee wellbeing within the workplace; the ownness on ensuring that staff are healthy and provided with a positive working environment is being by the perks and benefits that are now being offered within employment packages.

However, aside from the customary incentives such as increased holidays and cycle-to-work schemes, adopting a meticulous approach when designing room acoustics throughout the office can also be used to enhance productivity and the comfort levels for staff.

It’s considered that staff costs are accountable for 90% of a business’ operating costs, therefore, employers must eradicate factors that can impact the overall performance of an employee, with noise disturbances often cited as the main distraction.

Internal and external noises can prove to be irritable for workers, even more so than constituents such as lighting and temperature; sounds can deter people from working well, with this reduced work rate proving detrimental to a business achieving short and long-term goals.

Causes of Poor Room Acoustics

There is a range of factors that can be attributed to the substandard acoustics. These include:

Room Layout

In many cases, poor acoustics can be attributed to the design of contemporary office space, whereby open-plan layouts are regularly favoured. While they do help workers engage with each other, the quality of sound is compromised.

Hard Flooring and Furniture

There are other contributors to poor room acoustics, with hard flooring and hard furniture both having a profound impact on the overall quality of sound within a room. In these circumstances, soundwaves aren’t absorbed by the hard surfaces and create an echoey sound amongst the atmosphere.

High Ceilings

High ceilings can also cause poor room acoustics; the void areas in the room results in the volume increasing, with reverberation times increasing, as sound waves have to travel further before they hit a hard surface.

Benefits of Good Room Acoustics

There’s no doubting that room acoustics within a poorly designed building can have a detrimental effect on health, comfort and performance, irrespective of whether the building is a residential or work area.

On the other hand, some many positives and benefits can be associated with good room acoustics and here at Y Acoustics, we specialise in helping our clients gain access to the virtues of a blueprint that’s been considered and planned to precision.

Privacy Levels

Naturally, there are times when people value privacy and don’t necessarily want to broadcast their conversation to people located nearby. 

Paying attention to the quality of the room acoustics can prevent chatter from travelling and improve levels of confidentiality, particularly in an office where meetings may be taking place.

Heightened Levels of Concentration

In a room where the acoustics are good, excess noise is absorbed before a person hears it; this reduces the level of disruption and improves the levels of concentration.

On the other hand, in noisy surroundings, a person can often find it difficult to decipher the source of noise and this hinders their concentration.

Enhanced Communication

If a room has poor acoustics, this impacts the standard of communication. In spaces with a lot of sound, this results in reduced speech intelligibility. Also, a room with hard surfaces will create an echo, reducing the clarity of the conversation.

Reduced Stress and Enhanced Comfort

Sometimes, noise can be somewhat unbearable, but this doesn’t have to necessarily be the case; a clever acoustic design can ensure that the volume is controlled, reducing stress and improving the comfort for the people within the room. For example, by ensuring that there are sound-absorptive materials within the space.

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